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#macaron adventure at #bottegalouie from this weekend. The earl grey is my fav 😌 #losangeles

Diabolik Lovers: Vampire Brothers by arisatou

Diabolik Lovers ディアボリックラヴァーズ

Ayato Sakamaki (逆巻アヤト): Arisatou

Kanato Sakamaki (逆巻 カナト): Maru

photo thanks to vicissijuice


Kanato cn princemaru

Ayato cn arisatounox

Photo thanks to vicissijuice


Kanato Sakamaki by princemaru

Ayato Sakamaki by arisatounox

Photo by vicissijuice


Haven’t cosplayed in a while but will be having a photoshoot soon! (。•ˇvˇ•。) This was from our KH shoot last summer! With @arisatounox @muzeezum @lennethxvii #kingdomhearts #sora #riku #dreamdropdistance #soriku

A video of us during our photoshoot ;)