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9 seconds of Arakita Yasutomo dumb.

A summary—Hn? Tilts head. Drinks Bepsi. Sticks tongue out.

Natural Doctrine Stream with NIS America!

Hey doods, Natural Doctrine comes out tomorrow for the US!

So, tomorrow I’ll be streaming Natural Doctrine again at 4pm PST and we can all play together :)

Here’s the link to the NIS America twitch page—come watch!

See you doods there!


Akichan key cover <丶`Д´> #papillon #Idontevenownadog #arakitayasutomo

Hi I just wanted to make a post to talk about the fabulous princemaru who made our summer yukata and archtypic who painted our obi and yukata in one night.

We made them a few days after the summer yukata art work came out (and we working off a blurry ref). There are bunnies on my yukata. Whether Onoda had bikes on his obi or not, our Onoda did. / w\

I miss this dog ワンワン #machimiyaeikichi #machimiya #yowapeda #cosplay

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