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I miss this dog ワンワン #machimiyaeikichi #machimiya #yowapeda #cosplay

Makichan test. I’m selling this wig—for anyone interested, please pm me :) #makishimayuusuke #yowamushipedal #yowapeda #cosplay #toudoumademepost


Makishima Yuusuke wig for sale!


Price: $18 +free shipping in the US

Worn once to try on. Price negotiable. 

Send me a message if you’re interested and let me know if you need more pics!


Yowamushi Pedal 弱虫ペダル : Arakita Fashion Spread

Arakita Yasutomo (荒北靖友) : arisatounox

photo by archtypic

edit by me

The idea for this shoot came from looking at numerous ViVi magazines. Extra thanks to manager-san archtypic for location, wardrobe, props, and enabling me to do something like this last minute!

荒北靖友 Current status: ガオー

thanks to archtypic for helping me out with a shoot this weekend o/

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